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info here

MyMusicianship offers adaptive curriculum for learning to read music. Once logged in, the student’s homepage is a list of benchmarks for their current unit. You can explore a fully functional copy of this without logging in by hitting on the icon in the banner. It navigates to benchmark pages and will even display any benchmarks completed in one sitting. The previewing mode (when not logged-in) does not show incomplete benchmarks, save perminent records in the database, or adjust benchmarks and exercises to logged-in student settings, such as clefs.

Treble, bass, alto, and tenor clefs are all supported, but when exploring without being logged-in, it uses settings for treble and bass only.

When a student clicks on a benchmark, it takes them to an exercise that is paired with lesson content. Many exercises have built in help buttons, but if the student wants a more comprehensive explanation of the concept, they swipe right and are in the lesson. The full lesson table of contents can be accessed by the ‘lessons’ tab under the icon in the banner.

Lavendar placement tests on the student’s ‘MyWork’ page allow students to demonstrate proficiency of skills that are easy for them, marking off the corresponding benchmarks as completed by proficiency test.

Student weekly logs show how much the student spent on each benchmark, as well as statistics about the benchmark and their work. you can check out an example of what this looks like by clicking on ‘Weekly Logs’under the icon in the banner. To really see it in action, you need to register and login and do some work.

Instructor Free Trial: Click the ‘instructor registration’ button above for a free trial. You register yourself. After setting up a class, you can then register as a student in that class, and really check it out from both perspectives. If you start using it with a full class we will contact you about payment. Find details under the ‘payment’ tab under the icon above.

This video gives an overview of My Musicianship.